Part 4: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Workshop Outline

In this workshop and subsequent hands-on lab, you will implement three different environments and use Azure BCDR technologies to achieve three distinct objectives for each environment. These objectives include a migration to Azure, Azure region-to-region failover, and a PaaS implementation using BCDR technologies to ensure high availability of an application.
At the end of the hands-on lab, you will be able to design and build complex and robust IaaS BCDR solutions.

  • Example solution architecture
    • Environment: On-premises (migrate to Azure)
    • Environment: Azure IaaS (failover region to region)
    • Environment: Azure PaaS (high-availably with seamless failover)
  • Deploy Azure environments
    • Task 1: Deploy Azure IaaS
    • Task 2: Deploy on-premises environment
    • Task 3: Deploy Azure PaaS environment
  • Configure BCDR services
    • Task 1: Create Azure recovery services vault
    • Task 2: Deploy Azure automation
  • Configure environments for failover
    • Task 1: Configure on-premises to Azure IaaS failover for migration
    • Task 2: Configure IaaS SQL Always On availability groups for region to region failover
    • Task 3: Configure IaaS for region to region failover
    • Task 4: Configure PaaS for region to region failover
  • Simulate failovers
    • Task 1: Failover Azure IaaS region to region
    • Task 2: Migrate the on-premises VM to Azure IaaS
    • Task 3: Failover and failback Azure PaaS
    • Task 4: Failback Azure IaaS region to region