Part 2: Azure Resource Manager Workshop Outline

In this workshop and subsequent hands-on lab, you will learn how to author an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template that can be used to deploy infrastructure such as virtual machine, storage, and networking. This lab will also teach you how to deploy virtual machines that are automatically configured by the Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC) service.
By the end of this lab, you will be better able to migrate and enable easy deployment for lift-and-shift capabilities. In addition, you will learn to build and deploy complex infrastructure solutions with Azure Resource Manager templates, work with Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC) for deploying server configurations, as well as scale existing templatized deployments leveraging VM Scale Sets.

  • Example solution architecture
  • Configure Automation Account
    • Task 1: Create Automation Account
    • Task 2: Add an Azure Automation credential
    • Task 3: Upload DSC Configurations into Automation Account
  • Define the network foundation
    • Task 1: Deploy a virtual network with a template
  • Extend solution with Compute
    • Task 1: Add an Azure storage account
    • Task 2: Add a virtual machine and configure as a web server
    • Task 3: Add a Windows virtual machine for the database server
    • Task 4: Deploy your updated template to Azure
  • Lock down the environment
    • Task 1: Restrict traffic to the web server
    • Task 2: Update the network security group to allow Windows Remote Desktop
  • Scale out the deployment
    • Task 1: Parameterize and scale out the environment