5S In The Workplace Workshop

Duration: 1 day

About this workshop

This 1-day course is aimed to engage the participant in a 5S activity. 5S is much more than just “housekeeping”. Housekeeping and an organized workplace are the results of 5S, but the real purpose of 5S is to uncover errors and problems more quickly.
Learn to reduce waste through a systematic application of 5S principles – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This workshop teaches the basic 5S techniques and illustrates that its implementation immediately reduces waste and provides a cleaner, safer work environment.

Session Outlines

Session 1: Origins of 5S

  • What is 5S?
  • Where did it come from?
  • The benefits of 5S

Session 2: Planning for 5S

  • Tips for Success
  • Issues and Concerns
  • Evaluating Your Initial Situations

Session 3: Ths 5S Methodology – Sort

  • Sort and separate that which is needed/not needed in the area
  • Determine tools and items required on a daily basis
  • Separate non-essential tools

Session 4: The 5S Methodology – Straighten/Set in Order

  • Arrange items that are needed so they are ready and easy to use
  • Clearly identify locations for all items so that anyone can find them and return them once the task is completed

Session 5: The 5S Methodology – Shine

  • Clean workplace and equipment on a regular basis in order to maintain standard and identify defects
  • Establish cleanliness standards
  • Cleaning frequency

Session 6: Standardize

  • Making it routine
  • Design systems to ensure new norms
  • The benefits of 5S

Session 7: Sustain

  • Maintain the rules
  • Assess and improve
  • Never ending continuous improvement

Session 8: Wrapping Up