Make Virtual Machines Available To Tenants

In Azure Stack, services are delivered to users using subscriptions, offers, and plans. Users can subscribe to multiple offers.

LAB : Azure Stack – Make Virtual Machines Available To Tenants


Offers can have one or more plans, and plans can have one or more services.

As an Azure Stack cloud​​ administrator, you can create offers that your users (sometimes referred to as tenants) can subscribe to. Using their subscription, users can then consume Azure Stack services.

This lab shows you how to create an offer, and then test it.​​ 

For the test, you will log in to the portal as a user, subscribe to the offer, and then create a virtual machine using the subscription.

Tasks covered :-

  • Create an offer
  • Add an image
  • Test the offer

Exercise 1 : Create an offer

Now you can get things ready for your​​ users. When you start the process, you are first prompted to create the offer, then a plan, and finally quotas.​​ 

Offers are groups of one or more plans that providers present to users to purchase or subscribe to.

Username : azurestackadmin@azurestack.local

Password : Pa55w.rd1234

  • Click​​ New​​ >​​ Tenant Offers + Plans​​ >​​ Offer.
  • In the​​ New Offer​​ blade, fill in the following :-

Display name​​ – UserOffer01

Resource name​​ – useroffer01

Resource Group​​ – Select the​​ Create new​​ radio button and type RG01​​ 

The Display Name is the offer’s friendly name. Only the cloud operator can see the​​ Resource​​ Name. It’s the name that admins use to work with the offer as an Azure Resource Manager resource.

  • Click​​ Base plans, and in the​​ Plan​​ blade, click​​ Add​​ to add a new plan to the offer.
  • In the​​ New Plan​​ blade, fill in the following :-

Display name​​ –​​ UserPlan01

Resource name​​ – userplan01

The Display Name is the plan’s​​ friendly name that users see. Only the cloud operator can see the Resource Name. It’s the name that cloud operators use to work with the plan as an Azure Resource Manager resource.

  • Still in the​​ New Plan​​ blade, click​​ Services, select​​ Microsoft.Storage,​​ Microsoft.Network, and​​ Microsoft.Compute, and then click​​ Select.
  • Still in the​​ New Plan​​ blade, click​​ Quotas.​​ 

For an IaaS quota, follow these steps for the Compute, Network, and Storage​​ services.

In the​​ Quotas​​ namespace list, select the​​ Microsoft.Compute​​ namespace and then click​​ Create new quota.​​ 

  • On the​​ Create quota​​ blade, type a name for the quota,​​ CompQuota01​​ and set the desired parameters for the quota and click​​ OK​​ .
  • Now, for​​ Microsoft.Compute, select the quota that you just created.
  • Repeat these steps for​​ Microsoft.Network​​ and​​ Microsoft.Storage​​ namespaces, and then click​​ OK​​ on the​​ Quotas​​ blade.
  • Click​​ OK​​ on the​​ New plan​​ blade.
  • On the​​ Plan​​ blade, select the new plan and click​​ Select.
  • On the​​ New offer​​ blade, click​​ Create. You will see a notification when the offer has been created.
  • On the dashboard menu, click​​ Offers​​ and then click the offer you just created.
  • Click​​ Change State, and then click​​ Public.

Exercise 2 : Add an image

By default, there aren’t any virtual machine images available in the Azure Stack marketplace. The Azure Stack cloud administrator must add an image to the marketplace before users can use them. You can add the Windows Server 2016 image to the Azure Stack marketplace by using one of the following two methods:

  • Add the image by downloading it from the Azure Marketplace​​ – Use this option if you are operating in a​​ connected scenario and if you have registered your Azure Stack instance with Azure.
  • Add the image by using PowerShell​​ -​​ Use this option if you have deployed Azure Stack in a disconnected​​ scenario or in scenarios with limited connectivity.

This exercise shows you how to add a Windows Server 2016 image from the Azure​​ Marketplace.

Username : azurestackadmin@azurestack.local

Password : Pa55w.rd1234

  • Click​​ More services​​ >​​ Marketplace Management
  • In​​ Marketplace Management, ​​ click​​ Add from Azure
  • Find or search for the​​ Windows Server 2016 Datacenter – Eval​​ image > click​​ Download.​​ Download times may vary.
  • After the download completes, the​​ image is added to the​​ Marketplace Management​​ blade and it is also made available from the​​ Virtual Machines​​ blade.

Exercise 3 : Test the offer

Now that you’ve created an offer, you can test it. Log in as a user and subscribe to the offer and then add a​​ virtual machine.

Task 1 : Subscribe to an offer

Log in to the portal as a user to subscribe to an offer.

Username :​​ azstenant@azurestack.local​​ (create this account in Active Directory)

Password : Pa55w.rd1234

  • Click​​ Get a Subscription.
  • In the​​ Display Name​​ field, enter​​ Subscription1

Click​​ Offer, in​​ the​​ Choose an offer​​ blade, select​​ UserOffer01​​ and then click​​ Create.

  • To view the subscription you created, click​​ More services, click​​ Subscriptions, then click your new subscription.

After you subscribe to an offer, refresh the portal to see which services are part of the new subscription.

Task 2 : Provision a virtual machine

Now you can provision a virtual machine using the subscription.

  • Click​​ New​​ >​​ Compute​​ >​​ Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Eval.

In the​​ Basics​​ blade, type the following :-

Name​​ – TestVM

User name​​ – testvmadmin

Password​​ – Pa55w.rd

VM disk type​​ – HDD

Subscription​​ – Subscription1

Resource group​​ – Create new -> NewRG

Click​​ OK.

  • In the​​ Choose a size​​ blade, click​​ A1 Basic, and then click​​ Select.
  • In the​​ Settings​​ blade, click​​ Virtual​​ network. In the​​ Choose virtual network​​ blade, click​​ Create new. In the​​ Create virtual network​​ blade, accept all the defaults, and click​​ OK. In the​​ Settings​​ blade, click​​ OK.
  • In the​​ Summary​​ blade, click​​ OK​​ to create the virtual machine.
  • To see your new virtual machine, click​​ All resources, then search for the virtual machine and click its name.