Infrastructure Backup

For Azure Stack system backup, an Infrastructure Backup Controller is used to create backups to a file share. You can take any backup product to protect that share. If rehydration is required, just give the data back to the Infrastructure Backup Controller, which will allow you to roll back Azure Stack to a known good state.

Task 1 : Configure infrastructure backup

  1. To open the administrator portal, navigate to https://adminportal.local.azurestack.external and sign in using the following administrator credentials created during installation :-
    1. Username : azurestackadmin@azurestack.local
    2. Password : Pa55w.rd1234
  2. Click More services -> Infrastructure backup
  3. On the Infrastructure backup blade, click Configuration
  4. On the Backup controller settings blade, fill in the following and click OK:
    1. Backup storage location – \\FileServer\Backup
    2. Username – azsbackup (account with permission to connect to backup location)
    3. Password – Pa55w.rd1234
    4. Confirm Password – Pa55w.rd1234
    5. Encryption Key – 1234